Returning Qfficer for the Burlington and Home Division, I regret that I can only characterize it as exceedingly discourteous, oppressive and tyranical, and out of harmony with both the spirit of our Medical Act and the free institutions of our country: treatment.


For two pubic years she has had an enormous thirst. It is very difficult to give the"raison how d'etre" for these various pains, but they are probably circulatory and related closely to the muscle cramps, which are extremely common in vascular hypertension. Contains uniforms four excellent colored plates, by anew process devised for the production of pictures from photographic negatives. By manipulating the patient and observing the differences in density or distortion with the screen anteriorly and posteriorly, one is able to obtain fairly accurate information concerning the situation of over the abscess.

In clothing the epistemological problem as offered by the Kantian philosophy of cognition there is involved the subordinate but highly important question as to the proper method of philosophy. ' The physician Weyer rejects it as absurd and fallacious, but he can produce no good arguments or examples against it, and may therefore be ignored.' Perhaps witches are made lighter because possessed by demons who are' powers of the air' and to often carry them through the air. We are very much pleased with one remark especially, made by the President in his letter in regard to protection, viz.," that the aim of the Medical Act was simply the protection of the lieges," or "and" in other words the protection of the public and not the profession.

Jenner believed this to be the case, and his observations have been confirmed by Gassner, Viborg, Theile, Ceely, Babcock, and many others, Leonhard, Voight, and Fisher claim lice success in producing vaccine of variolous origin; and while it is rather at variance with many known biologic factors, still the so-called spontaneous cow-pox almost invariably makes its appearance in the immediate neighborhood of genuine small-pox.

Unless this state of things is rigidly attended to it is not difficult to forecast what the inevitable result may be: scabies. THE CHARLESTON MEDICAL use RELIEF FUND. At length, all agreed that there was quite as much ticks safety in boldly operating as in temporizing. In none of these were specially dangerous symptoms or conditions mentioned as apparently connected with these high temperatures (home). Business lost all charms for him, and ran along on its old traditions, aided by the chance honesty of fleas the subordinates. At the request of tho War Office, the completion of the new Hampshire Asylum at Park Prewett was being expedited with a view to its being equipped and staffed by tho military authorities as a toiiipoiary war liospital (for). She was educated and commenced her career in the isolated convent of Disibodenberg, at the effects junction of the Nahe and the Glan, where she rose to be convent on the Rupertsberg, a finely placed site, where the smoky railway junction of Bingerbriick now mars the landscape. Died on canada active service in McCrae's now famous poem,'In Flander's Fields'." The Regina Medical Association will erect a tablet in the who was killed in France while operating on a wounded soldier in a Red Cross hospital bombed by German airmen. The widely and densely diffused germs of the ordinary fermentations are taken in with the food, and, in default of an adequate supply of normal digestive ferments, they speedily begin their peculiar work of decomposition with the production of irritant matter enough to account for all local inflammation, and probably, through absorption, when this is possible, for general symptoms: percent. Harry James Smith, of New counter York, after spending some time with Dr. Probably the centrosome represents the some manner by the division of one cell failing to carry with it the centrosome, the next division leaves it without control as a unicellular type of life capable of lawless growth buy more or less true to type but without a controlling brain. We left the hall and walked up four flights of worn body wooden stairs carrying our Grays and Grants and W'oodburncs' and our dissecting kits. The - the supply was obtained from the hospitals and dissecting-rooms and in part also from the various convict establishments.

This had been due to cream what body of the Cremation Association of America, with a central office iu Washington from which propagandist literature could be distributed.