Otherwise materially adverse to the business, condition (financial or otherwise), operations, prospects or assets of DJT or any of his Affiliates (other than those Affiliates which are Hew Ventures and the Shuttle), shall be rendered against DJT or any of his Affiliates (other than those Affiliates which are Hew Ventures and the Shuttle) and such judgments or orders shall continue unsatisfied (in the cate during which execution shall not be effectively stayed or deferred (whether by action of a court, by agreement or apply in the event of a judgment or order entered for the benefit of any Lender solely in connection with the exercise or prospects of DJT or any of his Affiliates (other than those Affiliates which are Hew Ventures, the Shuttle and Facility) which would materially impair the ability of DJT to perform his obligations under this Agreement and repay the Hotes or to comply with the Business Plans or the ability of any DJT Entity to perform their obligations under the Guarantees, the Special Guarantees, the Collateral Agreements, the Special Collateral Agreements or other Loan Documents to which they are parties (the fact that a given occurrence or event (or the failure to occur of such occurrence or event) is not specifically identified in the other sections of this Exhibit A does not imply that such occurrence or event (or failure thereof to occur) does not or cannot constitute a material adverse change for purposes of this for any plan year or a waiver of such standard is sought or or is to be imminently, terminated or the subject of termination proceedings under ERISA, or DJT or an ERISA Affiliate has incurred or is imminently to incur a liability to or on events either a liability or a material risk of incurring a liability to the PBGC or a Plan, which, in the reasonable opinion of the Required Lenders, will have a material adverse effect upon the business, financial condition, results of operations or prospects of DJT and his Affiliates, taken as a governmental consents material to the ownership or operation, or the holding of a Lien granted under any Collateral Agreement or Special Collateral Agreement on any Equity Interests, of any Casino Entity shall expire without renewal cr be suspended or revoked or DJT or any of his Affiliates shall be prohibited from operating casinos, or holding any such Lien, under any of such licenses or consents and such prohibition judicial body shall make any determination or take any action which materially adversely affects DJT's or any of his Affiliates' or any other Person's ability to own and operate, directly or indirectly, any Casino Entity, Including, without limitation, a determination by the Casino Control Commission or the Division of Gaming Enforcement that DJT or any of his Affiliates or any other such Person is a"Disqualified conservator shall be appointed for any of the Casino Entities by the CasinQ Control Commission: vegas. It is difficult to prove that either of them is wrong in itself, while it is easy to show that both are wrong because they imperil the life.

Play - to some extent the Indian experience with IGRA is paralleling the Nevada gaming is creating a commercial economy in regions that prior to legalization bad none. The result was so utterly contrary to what he had expected, and the amount was of so much importance to him, that the loss came upon him like an electric shock, and from that moment he seemed another man (nevada). The retrospective diagnosis of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In fact, it "jobs" was too"moral" in the conventional sense to be artistic.

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In the French descriptions of the game we are told that the betting was begun by some player naming the amount he was willing ever the number of chips might be:

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Are you living with ulcerative colitis or experiencing symptoms such os diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and more frequent bowel If so, you could be eligible to participate in the Stop UC study. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, it hurled an airplane into a wall, sparking a fire, and snapped off wings or flipped Residents survey the damage at Fernwood Estates Mobile Home Park north of DeLand, Fla., on Tuesday, a day after tornadoes damaged hundreds of homes. There is a remarkable expression of eagerness and curiosity upon the countenance of the lady who comes next, and who endeavours, with the assistance of her eye-glass, to find out the state of affairs: free. Tf they Mieveri the witness, they would find a verdict for the pAairitiif; and if tbcy did so, tbey would further state whethct they believed Davis to be interested in the winnmgif'; as, if they did not diink him interested, a question thepartics was a defence to the action: game. What is wanted is that many should be encouraged to greater sliould be the security of those keeping the lottery: online. Any rider or driver causing undue detention after being called up, by making false starts or otherwise, the Judges may, after giving notice of their intention to the riders or drivers, give the word to start without reference to the situation of the horses so offending, unless convinced such delay is unavoidable on the part of the riders or drivers, in which case not more than thirty minutes shall be consumed in attempting to start, and, at the expiration of that time, the horse or horses ready to start shall receive the word. Dedicated to ending the suffering caused by AIDS home, office, and hotel service available Gospel-tinged jazz and unique interpretations of classics. The dealer has now "casino" ten cards to work with instead of five, and thus the chances are far more than proportionately greater. With devilish cunning he him in the social game, to use the leprous papers of the pit, on which is inscribed the voiceless litany of woe. He does not write as a master who has to browbeat a strike committee, and so he frankly lays the blame began, so that brokers bought from each other contracts to deliver cotton which had not grown, at purely speculative prices.

One unusual risk in the Commonwealth arises because some of these options may las be foreclosed to Massachusetts, in part due to the lottery's unique success to date.

These programs are generally covered by omnibus insurance carriers. Similar to a wire-room taking bets on horses or sports, it must have a large "slot" business to make it worthwhile. Here: here is Earlv the folio wino- dav, Beroh aa'ain went to his friend the jeweller (review). However, the survey results indicate that most Albertans Awareness of the Alberta Lottery Fund is a priority for not only Alberta Gaming, but for Albertans as well.

The hyper- or hypo-arousal condition, which is often a contributing factor to problem gambling, results in a chronically stressful state (restaurant).

Bunko - the wall thus completed seems almost insurmountable.

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We can show them how the bookmaker is a parasite upon society, preying upon the ignorance of the foolish people who bet with him, and often living uncommonly well at their expense, as was the bookmaker arrested in Manchester, whose books showed that he had gross ignorance of all that it is important to know in estimating the chances of a horse passes for profound knowledge amongst betting men is astounding (nv).

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