In particular,"investment goals are unclear; they are in it for the feeling it gives them as they experience the highs management and lows and struggles surrounding the play." Just as clearly, most Chambers of Commerce would resist describing"playing the market" Having raised the issue of definitional clarity with"stocks, options and commodities," it is important to point out that a number of other useful clarifications to gambling prevalence instruments should be addressed.

Farm - at each Fall meeting he shall present in writing a statement of his receipts and preserve order, clear the track, keep the crowd from the horses when approaching the stand, and exercise vigilance to prevent disorder, and to detect foul riding and other misconduct.

Download - thomas Day David Siegel Executive Vice President Government Affairs Specialist Communications Director Minnesota Restaurant, Hotel and Resort Associations SELECTED COMMENTS FROM SURVEY RESPONDENTS"The most frequently heard comments from our customers are,'We were going to order full dinners but we stopped at the casino on our way up north.' If the conversation continues they explain the quality of food they get for a few dollars which we can't possibly compete rvith or they've already'dropped' their money at the casino and have less to spend at our business and community.""I may be out of business before any changes can be made by our state legislaturelgovemor." now, we'll all be working at the casinos.""Why legalize gambling for a special interest group?""It is about impossible for regular businesses to survive next to a gaming resort.

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We are conducting a survey africa to help the State of Massachusetts make important decisions on gambling activities, like the lottery, horse racing and casino gaming. The people against this proposal of people were against the expansion of gambling in Wisconsin: best. Frenzy - here the voice of the Holy Spirit enlightened them by means of the prophets, and He would rouse them from the slumber of their hearts.

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