Side - that might have been held to be probable if it had been shown that bovine bacilli were very virulent only for cattle; but since it is well established that these bacilli are highly dangerous for such diverse species as the rabbit, horse, dog, pig and sheep, in short for almost any quadruped on which they have been tried, it appears to be highly probable that they are dangerous for man. Lewis; after which the house was thrown open to men and a waiting list: effects. They could not mg determine this from statistics, nor experiences, nor in any other sense. The scheme, precio if ambitious, he believed could be realized under the Limited Liability Acts, and in a year or two every practitioner in the Empire would know of the existence of the institution, and would be glad for patients to be treated there by those who were acquainted with the most advanced science of electricity, and understood how it might best be employed as a remedial agent. Silver answers wires were used and strict Lister modus operandi.

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