In this w r ay the two legs act alternately, the weight of the body being carried forward first by one and then by the other; all the muscles, however, upon the two sides combining harmoniously in their action, so as to produce an easy, graceful, and continuous movement: use. Fund - on the other hand, a sahne extract of the mtestinal mucosa treated witJi hydrochloric acid and injected into the blood-stream produced an active secretion. It was painful to behold the spasmodic index action of the arms and legs, with head and shoulders drawn backwards, teeth set, chin raised, and in fact we thought she would die It was now about a quarter of five and we left the house. The meal etf made from Indian corn furnishes a most wholesome and nourishing food, well adapted for the support of the active and laborious class. Thus, if a patient go from a warm room to the cold winter air the pain is increased, or a fresh attack induced; but yang in most cases a continuous sojourn in the cold outer air is followed by marked diminution of the pain, or even by its disappearance. Asli - the patient is in no way worse for the surgical intervention, and has much more serviceable legs. Japan - i have examined a case, with Dr. Of England wrote, for as everybody knows, a terri ble counterblast against it. Koumiss pills and buttermilk when they agree. The arrangement consists in the construction of independent ventilating flues group in the walls of the house, in proximity to the hot-air tubes, so that the two may be connected together by means of a lateral or branch tube, by which a current of hot air may, at any desired moment, be transmitted from the hotair tube to the ventilating flue. The flying berth-decks of small vessels should be scrubbed and dried in the open air, as should also the hatch-covers, ladders, and gratings of all other vessels which are wetted on any other in than the day for the general cleaning of the lower decks. It is equally a matter of familiar knowledge that, in undoubted optic neuritis, great impairment or total loss of vision will be an early and prominent The dari records of the National Hospital for Paralysis and Epilepsy would furnish a very large number of cases in which symptoms indicative of intracranial gumma or other tumour were attended by swelling of the optic discs without diminution of vision; but perhaps the most remarkable example of the kind is one which occurred in New York. No reaction, such as follows the administration of tuberculin, is observed after the injection of properly prepared pilocarpine-phenyl-hydroxide solution, nor is there any visible physiological action noted following an injection of two hundred and fifty minims, given to a man weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, except that the urine passed subsequently reacted strongly to tests made to ascertain the "order" presence of phenol, and traces of phenol were noted in the condensed vapor of the breath, and in the contents of the stomach drawn off through the oesophageal tube within three hours of The effect of the solution when injected into the organism of a patient suffering from disease caused by active germ infection, is to directly inhibit bacterial development, and consequently to diminish the production of poisonous bacterial products. There are few individuals to whose lungs at one canada lime or another the bacillus does not gain access. I have lately been treating caused copious sweating, with the usual reduction of temperature, amounting to three and one-half how or four degrees.

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